This is one of the best CE workshops I have attended in the 27 years I’ve been practicing. Peter is a fantastic teacher; authentic, present, incredibly knowledgeable and talented.
— Susan Van Mouwerik, PhD - Ojai, CA
There is so much need for this.
— Nancy Staycer - Carlsbad, CA
I greatly appreciated the training, especially the demos and experiential practice and follow up discussions. Thank you!
— Ashley - Carlsbad, CA
I have been working on healing, becoming whole/integrated, for most of my life. I’ve experienced many different modalities, from EST/Landmark to Buddhism to Shamanism to traditional therapy and nothing has had more profound impact than the AARM. I assumed that no matter how much personal growth/transformation I experienced, that there would always be a hole in me, an unlovable angry, insecure place. I can honestly say that I don’t feel angry or unlovable anymore, and the feelings of insecurity are fleeting. I now look at these moments as opportunities to heal, for which I am grateful. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and my happiness has nothing to do with the external circumstances of my life.
— Post Treatment - From a 35-year-old female client sending a follow-up note 14 months after two years in therapy with chronic complaints about unsatisfactory relationships with men.
I continue to use this work with several clients. I’m really am astonished at the outcome. I have never experienced work that goes so thoroughly to the core. The work continues according to the feedback that I get. It is like opening new levels that the neurological system has been too fearful to share.
— Post Level 1 ARM Training (several months later) - Cypress J. Morales, LCSW
I have been using the AARM with several clients and am excited by the results.
— Post Level 1 ARM Training (several weeks after training) - Elene Johasteener, LCSW
For the longest time I have wanted to write about my experience. I have tried other forms of therapy in the past, but nothing helped me to heal from PTSD I experienced from childhood sexual and emotional abuse as have the ARM.
I left therapy in May of last year. I never looked back, just ahead. Since that time my life has been enriched. I have been able to form an opinion of who I am as a person. I am an adult woman who is not afraid to take care of herself and do it without falling apart when I am confronted with uncomfortable or difficult situations. My relationships with the people in my life are now healthy. I know when to walk away from situations that are toxic. I am no longer fueled by anger, pity or self-doubt. If I do feel vulnerable, I stop and take a deep breath and start scanning my body to find the stress or discomfort. I focus on it, look to see if it is moving or stagnant and I start working out of my nervous system. Happily I can say it is very seldom that I need to do this.
I can’t thank you enough for helping me to heal. I just turned 46 years old and I am just now living my life to its full potential. Without your methodology, I would still be a little girl trapped inside an adult body with nobody to take care of me. After having integrated the fragmented parts of me, I can now take care of myself.
— Post Treatment - From a 46-year-old female client three years in therapy with dissociative disorder and PTSD who sent an unsolicited E-mail 18 months after leaving therapy.
I’ve wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the AARM, the San Diego workshop, and the work I was able to do with you. I started use the model immediately my first day back to work with my first client. We were able to work with important material in a new and deeper way. That’s the amazing part that people feel safer or can kind of naturally or organically go deeper. I am using the AARM with a male client who had previously had an ego state who blocked EMDR processing. He is now letting himself go deeper at the same time that he is noticing this body sensations and ways of characteristic holding. It s wonderful. I am experimenting with using it with some of the children I work with. One attachment disordered boy said he didn’t want to let go of the stick. This was an opportunity to talk about his need for connecting that he usually doesn’t reveal. Anyway, I wanted you to know I’m using the ARM and looking forward to how my use of it will grow and evolve. I know I’m just scratching the surface. In appreciation.
— Post Level 1 ARM Training (several months later) – Rick MacMahon, LCSW