Boulder Seminar


Boulder Seminar

from 500.00

Dates: September 29th, 30th & October 1st

Time of Workshops: 9am to 4pm

Colorado School of Energy Studies (CSES)
4900 Nautilus Court N.  Suite 210
Boulder, CO 80301

Presented by:
Peter Cummings, LCSW, Creator & Founder of AARM

with special guest John Chitty of CSES

Continuing Education Credits:

Change the Body, Change the Mind

The Adult Attachment Repair Model (AARM) is a psychotherapy innovation incorporating the fields of attachment, neurobiology and trauma. The AARM is a comprehensive model that addresses complex and existential trauma in the body. 

The AARM addresses the client’s biological systems by targeting the autonomic nervous system using neuro-modulation techniques for right brain stimulation where traumatic experience is stored. The principles of Dr. Stephen Porges’ Poly Vagal Theory (PVT) guides the surfacing and resolution of a vital sensory narrative that temporarily replaces the oral history. Ego State Theory, Ethology, and Consilience Theory also shape AARM interventions. 

Peter Cummings, LCSW has devoted the past sixteen years of his practice to developing this unique repair method. 

Target Audience:

Mental Health Practitioners and healers familiar with the approach of transpersonal psychology. While not a pre-requisite, some prior knowledge of attachment therapy, guided imagery, family systems, cognitive-behavioral therapy, bioenergetics, TFT, EMDR, NLP, SE and other somatic approaches are helpful in understanding the AARM process.

Continuing Education Credits

This 3 day program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886759652-9441) for 18 continuing education credits. 

Continuing Education Credit Cost: $30.00

The Learning Environment

PLEASE NOTE: The AARM Training is both an intellectual and emotional learning process. The practicums and demonstrations in this training embody the true healing process accessing attachment traumas and unresolved grief in the body. It is recommended one have a therapeutic support system in place while pursuing this training.


“I’ve wanted to tell how much I appreciate the AARM, the San Diego workshop, and the work I was able to do with you. I started using the model immediately first day back to work with my first client. We were able to work with material in a new deeper way.” Rick MacMahon, LCSW

“Excellent handouts. Loved doing exercises with coaching with mix of exercises and theory. Role-playing great. Sample “say” text was excellent-great for understanding approach.” August, 2016, Palo Alto, CA

A beautiful technique and deeply integrated with sense (body) and emotional well-being. The teaching was dynamic and always present.” January, 2017, Boulder, CO

“I would like to take future workshops.” Jasmina Pagerker, August, 2016, Palo Alto, CA

“Peter has amazing presence. His knowledge, care, and humility are all self-evident.” August, 2016, Palo Alto, CA

“As the director of the Luminous Awareness Institute, I view Peter’s approach to healing as one of the most important that I have come across in more than twenty-five years as an energy healer.” Anna-Lisa Adelberg

“Beyond amazing” January, 2017, Boulder, CO

“Thank you for your energy and commitment to your work and teaching.” August, 2016, Palo Alto, CA

“I continue to use this work with several clients. I’m really astonished at the outcome. I have never experienced work that goes so thoroughly to the core.” Cypress Morales, LCSW, Santa Cruz, CA               

Americans With Disability Act (ACA) Accommodations

The ACA of 1990 specifies that accommodations will be made in accordance with the law. If you require accommodation (s), please indicate your need seven days before the events. We cannot ensure the availability of appropriate accommodations without prior notification.